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Spring’ 15 Class notes – day 1

14 Jan

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. - Albert Einstein

We started class by thinking about what it means to learn and to get an education, and how to work towards that which “remains” from the quote above.

I gave you a sheet for ranking and reflecting on 3 main things we can learn in school:

  1. acquiring information
  2. using information to solve problems
  3. developing life-long skills

After reading your notes on the activity sheet, that’s what I learned:

  • Most of you value problem-solving and life-long skills over acquiring information.
  • Lectures are not as useless as I thought. Many of you listed them as helpful.
  • For goals 2 and 3, the activities that help the most are projects.
  • Most people find group projects very useful, but there are some concerns because of past experiences with group members who did not work fairly.
  • Most people need collaboration with instructor and/or classmates for goals 2 and 3, but not as much for 1.

Let’s all keep these points in mind as we work together this semester. We all bear the responsibility of making the course a good learning experience for all in the room. Let’s give it a good, honest try.


We then talked briefly about UX. A few of you described it beautifully, as a seamless meeting of the human mind and the device. User-friendly, frustration free. Less headaches for users worldwide. Sounds like magic! In this course, we will learn some of the techniques for making at least some of this magic happen. There’s a lot of work, knowledge, and obsessing over details that goes into designing delightful user experiences. But if you ask me, there’s a lot of fun and joy in the process itself. I hope I can help you find it!

Welcome Spring 2014 students!

10 Jan

Welcome to CGT 256 – Spring 2014!

This blog will be one of the most important communication avenues between course instructors and students.

Here, you will find class notes and slides, career advice, and useful resources related to the topics we discuss in class.

The professor (Dr. V) and the TA (Emma) assume you will read and follow this blog – and that you read a new post within 1-2 days of it being published. To make this easier on yourself, please subscribe to the blog so you get an email whenever a new post appears.

You as a student can also write guest posts on this blog. If there is something you want to share with classmates, just email Emma and ask her to post it for you.

Guest blog posts and comments on this blog will count toward your participation points – so please let us know what you think by interacting with each post: rate, like, and/or comment!