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Spring’15 class notes Day 5: UX team roles & Getting started with clients

27 Jan

Today’s learning objectives were:

At the end of class, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the various roles of people on a UX team
  2. Decide where to begin a UCD project

For objective 1, we had a guest – a product manager from Microsoft, and then we looked a bit at UX job ads to get more of a “real world” understanding of jobs, skills, salaries, and UX unicorns.

For objective 2, we watched the cat video below and worked through a case study about getting started on a project – a new course management system.

I’d like you to remember to

FIRST, identify your clients, users, and stakeholders

SECOND, negotiate and agree upon measurable goals with the client

before you get started on a project.

In the cat video, who are the clients, users, and stakeholders?

Users = cat

Clients = people who buy the cat food, executives, whoever pays for and approves the project

Stakeholders = the cat food factory – here, the developers (but as you can imagine, many others – e.g. veterinary doctors, pet health insurance companies, cat food ingredient manufacturers, etc.)