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Personas, Scenarios, Use Cases, and Task Analysis

10 Jan

Persona – a composite profile of an imaginary person which represents one user group.

Scenarios – stories of personas using the site in their normal context to accomplish their goals.

Personas and Scenarios are covered in BGW 2.

Use Cases – detailed description of a typical task a user will try to accomplish. Includes the steps the user will take and the system’s response to each step.

Task Analysis – breakdown of what it takes to accomplish a task into sub-tasks and specific steps.

Use cases and Task Analysis are covered in BGW 4.

Interface History Resouces

12 Jan

My class lecture on interface history is largely based on this Ars Technica article.

There are wonderful resources out there that have captured the history of the GUI interface as it was happening.

Steve Jobs’ keynotes have become legendary. But here is a truly historic one, when he launched the Apple Macintosh in 1984:

The 1984 TV commercial for the Apple Macintosh has also become legendary:

What stands out to you from these videos? What ideas impressed you most? What ideas would you like to see implemented?