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Spring’15 class notes: Day 7: Personas, scenarios and design requirements

6 Feb

Important points from class:

Deciding when to use what research method:

Interviews are more appropriate for one on one research when you want to understand one person’s view on things, contextual inquiry is better for trying to understand how a person works so that you can innovate a certain part of their day to day activities, focus groups are best when brainstorming for certain ideas. – student J.C. (emphasis mine)

What are personas, scenarios, and design requirements and what are they used for? persona icon
  • Personas – research reports that help us remember and empathize with the users we researched. Not fictional or made up; based on research.
  • Scenarios – creative stories that involve what the persona would do if they had our new magic productScenarios bridge research and creativity. They help us move towards envisioning what the product would be able to do, and extracting lists of:
  • Design requirements – specifications for what functionality the product should have, what platform(s) it should work on, etc.

See also Joshua’s recommendation for a post about personas.

Class notes: Personas, Scenarios, Use cases

10 Feb

In this class, we:

  • discussed the differences between the concepts of persona, scenario, and use case
  • shared the data you had previously collected during the GUI history user research exercise
  • used that data for you to create personas and scenarios