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Lecture summary: Mobile usability

17 Apr

Today we discussed the debate between Nielsen and Clark briefly summarized as:

Nielsen: mobile should be separate from desktop and offer a customized experience with fewer options than desktop

Clark: mobile should have same functionality as desktop. The experiences should be uniform but optimized for the respective device.

The issue of optimization brings up Responsive Web Design. Please take a look at the full slide deck below (I only showed a few slides in class) and DO check out the resources mentioned at the end.

Take-aways from today’s discussion:

  • What are the main points of view and arguments on mobile vs. desktop UX
  • What is responsive web design and what are the basics of how it works (media queries and fluid grids, images, and fonts).
  • What are the implications of responsive web design for UX and IxD: more work, more knowledge needed about the modes of interaction on different platforms.