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Spring ’15 Class notes: Day 8 – Intro to personas, scenarios and design requirements

16 Feb

In this class, we reported the findings from the contextual inquiry exercise you did the class before. Then, we used that information for you to work individually to create a persona, a scenario, and design requirements. The feedback for that assignment is summarized in this blog post.

The most important things you need to remember from this class are the definitions and distinctions between personas, scenarios, and design requirements.

Personas are based on the data from your user research. They are composites, but they are not fictional. They are not a product of your imagination…


Scenarios take the persona and imagine how the new magical product you will design solves their problems. Scenarios are a combination of research (manifested in the persona) and your imagination. They happen in the future, and show what a day in the persona’s life will be like when they have full use of your new magical product. In the scenario, you see what the persona does with the new magical product, and how the persona uses it. Based on this, you extract a list of…

Design requirements – these are specifications for what the product should be able to do, along with any platform and technical requirements.