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Welcome Spring 2014 students!

10 Jan

Welcome to CGT 256 – Spring 2014!

This blog will be one of the most important communication avenues between course instructors and students.

Here, you will find class notes and slides, career advice, and useful resources related to the topics we discuss in class.

The professor (Dr. V) and the TA (Emma) assume you will read and follow this blog – and that you read a new post within 1-2 days of it being published. To make this easier on yourself, please subscribe to the blog so you get an email whenever a new post appears.

You as a student can also write guest posts on this blog. If there is something you want to share with classmates, just email Emma and ask her to post it for you.

Guest blog posts and comments on this blog will count toward your participation points – so please let us know what you think by interacting with each post: rate, like, and/or comment!