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Show & Tell: Fashion One

10 Jan

Fashion One, submitted by Emma.

Excise example: Papers2

24 Apr

One of the ways to avoid excise is to allow information entry where information is displayed. Asking the user to click a button to enter EDITING mode is excise – it makes the user work to fit the computer’s work processes.

Below is an example from citation management software Papers2 (which I love, overall), but I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked in the right bar where I can see the article’s information to try to edit the title, authors, or enter missing information (e.g. journal number, page numbers). To be able to edit that information, I HAVE to click the Edit button on the bottom right – because that’s how the software works, not because that’s how I (the user) think.

Excise example from Papers2

Telling your portfolio’s story

23 Apr

Here is a very simple example of how you could lay out the steps you took to develop your final project.

The screen shot below is from the same website. This is a more creative way of showing the process, but it does not have enough information. However, if each image on the side were clickable and would provide more info about that step, that would work well.

I am sure you have already found other examples that can serve as inspiration – use your creativity here to communicate the content you need to in a way that works for the medium (Web).


Show & Tell: OK

21 Apr



I like to critique interfaces by referring to the usability principles they apply well or violate, but this case is so absurd, I’m SPEECHLESS.

(No, this is not a joke, though I am tempted to tag it “humor.”)


Somebody got PAID to do this?!?!