This is the CGT 256 course blog, written specifically for students enrolled in the course.

If you are an enrolled student, it is expected of you to follow this blog and read posts promptly. Commenting lets me know you did.

This course is an intermediate exploration of conceptualization and problem solving using the integration of type and image as both visual and verbal communication. Topics such as systems of organization, visual hierarchy, creativity, typography, color, and navigation are introduced and explored in a systematic way. Students will also be introduced to the issues of information and user interface design to create effective and visually stimulating communication devices.

The required textbooks for Spring 2013 are:

Wilson, C., Ed. (2010). User experience remastered. Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN 978-0-12-375114-0. Price: $37.95 (as low as $20 on amazon.com)

Krug, S. (2005). Don’t make me think. (2nd ed.). Berkeley, CA: New Riders Press. ISBN-10: 0321344758; ISBN-13: 978-0321344755. Price: $23.17

The course syllabus is below:

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