Spring’15 class notes: Day 7 – User research part 2: methods for collecting data

4 Feb

This class topic was methods for collecting data for your user research:

  • contextual inquiry
  • focus groups
  • interviews

These are not ALL the methods, just some of the more popular ones. They are all qualitative in nature, meaning you collect in-depth, open-ended information rather than numbers. Quantitative methods can be used, too, although they do not provide the type of in-depth understanding and empathy that’s needed in UX. Some quantitative methods are surveys, and analyzing patterns of current usage from server logs.

In class today, you met Aaron – here he is on Twitter.

twitter logo

Check out the Twitter lists he’s been put on – there are lists there of more than 4,000 UX designers. So, there are plenty of people out there you can find and follow. If you want to get started on Twitter, see some of my older posts with advice on how to enter Twitter culture.

In terms of who I recommend following, see my list of UX people. The blogs and magazines I follow on a regular basis are:

  • UX mag
  • UX booth
  • UX movement
  • Measuring Usability
  • Six Revisions
  • Cooperdotcom
  • Smashing Magazine (also UI programming)

They all have Twitter and RSS feeds that you can subscribe to.

Many UX designers and developers blog on medium, but usually the best stories get tweeted by your network so you don’t have to worry about discovering them yourself.


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