“IxD Exercise: Apply Affordances” Grades

26 Jan

The grades for last week’s assignment “IxD Exercise: Apply Affordances” have been posted on TheCN.com. You can also find a Dropbox link to the graded version of your assignment with my feedback in the instructor comments.

Overall, I was impressed with the assignments and how thorough many of you were. The uses of constraints in this assignment were particularly thoughtful, as many people recognized how vital it is to prevent user error when they are about to spend real money. Also, many of you went above and beyond in order to make the gift card buying process enjoyable to users. Things like playful (but purposeful) animations and uses of affordances when entering gift card information and messages were great. Also, something as simple as saying “Thank you!” at the end of the transaction show me that you really took the time to think through the assignment and the interaction.

If you lost points, it was most like because you didn’t clearly explain how the concepts of affordance, constraints, and mental models were applied to your design. I’m looking for clear, concise explanations of design choices.

Again, I’ve left feedback for your assignments in the instructor comments. Please feel free to send me any questions you might have, and great job everyone!

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