Spring’ 15 Class notes – day 1

14 Jan

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. - Albert Einstein

We started class by thinking about what it means to learn and to get an education, and how to work towards that which “remains” from the quote above.

I gave you a sheet for ranking and reflecting on 3 main things we can learn in school:

  1. acquiring information
  2. using information to solve problems
  3. developing life-long skills

After reading your notes on the activity sheet, that’s what I learned:

  • Most of you value problem-solving and life-long skills over acquiring information.
  • Lectures are not as useless as I thought. Many of you listed them as helpful.
  • For goals 2 and 3, the activities that help the most are projects.
  • Most people find group projects very useful, but there are some concerns because of past experiences with group members who did not work fairly.
  • Most people need collaboration with instructor and/or classmates for goals 2 and 3, but not as much for 1.

Let’s all keep these points in mind as we work together this semester. We all bear the responsibility of making the course a good learning experience for all in the room. Let’s give it a good, honest try.


We then talked briefly about UX. A few of you described it beautifully, as a seamless meeting of the human mind and the device. User-friendly, frustration free. Less headaches for users worldwide. Sounds like magic! In this course, we will learn some of the techniques for making at least some of this magic happen. There’s a lot of work, knowledge, and obsessing over details that goes into designing delightful user experiences. But if you ask me, there’s a lot of fun and joy in the process itself. I hope I can help you find it!


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