April 3 Class: Mobile UX

24 Apr

Learning Objectives:

  1. Connect already learned material to Mobile UX
  2. Define important concepts related to Mobile UX, such as: Fitts’ Law, Chrome, Nav and Status bar
  3. Summarize Mobile UX guidelines
  4. Apply Mobile UX guidelines

For mobile UX design, there are general guidelines as discussed in the book chapter you read (please refer to before-class reading on theCN for April 3), and specific guidelines for different platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). In the class, you did an exercise on the topic of mobile UX: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rf7dydqYyUuLPFVVWJAE0mLwnWCJP_wgnwajJuyJVuo/edit. Please review what you wrote and make sure you understand those key concepts (Fitts’ Law, Chrome, Navigation bar, Tab bar, and Interaction cost).


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