Class summary: Affinity diagramming

11 Feb

After clarifying some questions about how many personas we should create in relation to user groups, we moved on to affinity diagramming.

First, you extracted from the readings a list of DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind when doing affinity diagramming. Here are the most important ones:

About making note cards:


  • put only one concept on each note

  • make each note complete and self standing

  • use color


  • feel restricted

  • limit number of notes

  • be verbose

About working with the team:


  • ake advantage of strengths

  • be open to criticism

  • be organized

  • generate discussion

  • be flexible


  • work alone

  • get stuck on ownership and I’m right

  • get distracted

About grouping notes into clusters:


  • let the data define the groups

  • divide large groups

  • label your clusters


  • give out too many notes out at once

  • be redundant

  • don’t treat labels as fact

After making sense of the data and putting it into clusters, the next step is to see the bigger patterns that result in personas. This is difficult, but I think most groups did a nice job, even with the limited amount of time. Please make sure to read other groups’ personas that were posted on the CN.


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