Class summary: Day 2, Jan. 16 2014

16 Jan

We started class with clarifications:

  • CN is your HOME for this course. The Day-by-Day plan lists all the tasks for each day of class.
  • You need to post reading notes before every class on your R&R file on Google Drive. ALL reading notes and class reflections for the entire semester go in that one file. You don’t need to share it again, Emma and I will be able to see it for the remainder of the semester.

Please review the tasks for Days 1 and 2 and make sure you are all caught up before the 3rd class on Jan. 21!

Activity 1: Websites that make us think

You looked at websites that suck and identified aspects that make people think. We discussed that those aspects can be roughly grouped into 3 main categories: CONTENT – VISUAL DESIGN – FUNCTIONALITY/USABILITY. All 3 categories are necessary for a successful interface that delivers a good user experience. In this class, we will focus on usability which will be informed by principles of visual design as well.

Activity 2: UX jobs

You read a few ads for jobs in UX and identified responsibilities and skills they look for. The point of this activity was to:

  • become aware of job opportunities in UX. In recent years, there have been more job openings than qualified candidates.
  • identify the skills you already have and the skills you would need to build should you be interested in UX as a career path.

However, UX-related skills are very useful to many related professions. You do not need to become a UX professional to benefit from CGT 256, and you cannot become a professional after taking just one class. But I want you to have the info you need to make decisions about your career.


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