Class notes: Day 1

15 Jan

We started the first day of class with a design exercise – you all agreed that researching the user (in this case, cats) is the first step. In user-centered design, it is indeed important to begin with a thorough understanding of the user – but also the client. In this case, we had 2 major user groups: cats and their owners. Also, it would have been important to see how the client defines “success.”

We will spend the semester learning in a lot more detail about the user-centered design of products with computer interfaces.

The next activity focused on your learning goals and what activities help you accomplish different types of learning goals. The point of the exercise is to understand that you play an active part in your education. That there are many things you can accomplish on your own, with reading and Google. That you don’t need the teacher to tell you the information that is widely available elsewhere. So, do your part and I will do mine. We will spend class time in more advanced learning goals such as problem solving, but this means you have to come to class prepared – do the readings, view the online lectures.

I also explained the course objectives and approach, and took some questions about the CN and the syllabus. The slides I showed are at the very bottom of this post.

Finally, you were asked to create your Reading notes & Reflections (R&R) document on Google Drive and share it the course instructors. You will use this one file during the entire semester to keep reading notes and jot down quick reflections. This is required and graded – we focus on quality, not quantity. A few brief, concise and well-thought out ideas are better than quantity.

Please ask any questions in the “Reflect” box on CN, the comments below, or a direct email to the course instructors.

Have a good semester!

Dr. V


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